Ghella supports La Casa della Mamma Onlus

Within Ghella, we have been tunnelers for five generations; knowing the immense value of family education, and the importance of passing on knowledge from parent to child.

This is one of the many reasons we support La Casa Della Mamma Onlus. La Casa Della Mamma is a charity that focuses on bringing in young mom's with complicated backgrounds, and their children, to a safe space to ensure a better future. Within the structure, the girls are assisted and encouraged to finish their studies. Recently they have also renovated the building to make room for a small b&b. Here the young moms can learn fundamental skills, helping them create a CV and job opportunities, that they can then use once they leave the house.

Within our company, our mission has always been to leave a better future for the next generations. We strive to make a difference in every way we can, every day, starting with our city, Rome. where

On May 22nd 1969, La Casa della Mamma was first founded. On this day Santa Rita is celebrated, patron saint of the impossible causes and abused women.

From that day onwards, the association has helped 300 young moms.

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You can support personally this charity:

  • making a donation;
  • donating your 5Xmille: just sign and write on the tax return the fiscal code 80209510587;
  • becoming a member, with an annual fee of €300.00 payable semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.


Let’s support La Casa della Mamma because "maternal love is an experience that is handed down. Who hasn't tried it has nothing to pass on".