Who We Are
Build excellence in a sustainable and innovative way
Leave a better World to the next generations


We are travellers, we are explorers, we are dreamers. We are a community and we train one another.

We believe in people, because this is who we are: PEOPLE.

The world is our home.

We speak 24 languages, live in 15 countries, work in 5 Continents.

In more than 150 years and after 5 generations of passionate tunnelers, we are still digging and building, scratching and drawing, dreaming and growing.

Our Social responsibility is to leave a better world to the next generations.

We work hard to improve communication, freedom of movement, energy saving, reducing impact on environment and optimizing natural resources.

In 150 years we have built more than 100 tunnels, produced more than 800 GWh per year of renewable energy, connected over 1000 km of highways, railways and undergrounds, and still counting.

Tomorrow? It's like today: a step at a time, together.



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