New water filters in our Rome Headquarters

It’s our daily actions that make real environmental revolutions possible.

Each month, 1,200 water bottles are discarded just in our Rome Headquarters.
Put in line, in 6 months the bottles would reach the total length of a TMB; and in five years, the line would be longer than Central Interceptor´s main tunnel (13 km).

As from today, we’ll be reducing our annual consumption of plastic bottles from 14,400 to zero; and this is just the beginning! How­? By drinking microfiltered water.

The new filters in our Headquarters eliminate all the particles bigger than 0.1 micron in diameter: microorganisms, chlorine, pesticides, sediments, algae and rust, yet preserving all mineral salts.
Cleaner, healthier and more sustainable water, still or sparkling, completely free of the microplastics released by single-use bottles.

Drinking water is one of our most natural actions, just like breathing: we hope this simple action can carry a message of social responsibility towards our Company, our Planet and our Future.