Two more TBMs that will excavate Lot 3 Lercara-Caltanissetta Xirbi successfully completed FAT test

Today, other two TBMs that will excavate Lot 3 Lercara - Caltanissetta Xirbi, in Sicily, have successfully completed the FAT test.

With this FAT test, 4 out of the 5 TBMs that will be employed in the excavation of Lot 3 have now successfully completed testing.

The two EPBs are TBM#4 code DZ1379 and TBM#5 DZ1380, will be employed in the excavation of Lot 3 Lercara-Caltanissetta Xirbi, which forsees the development of 47km of new rail, as well as the construction of more than 22 kilometres of tunnels including interconnections. There will also be 11 kilometres of viaducts, 32 kilometres of roadwork and the renovation of the Vallelunga station.

The project is part of the improvement of the High-Capacity rail line between Palermo and Catania in Sicily.


The benefits of the New Palermo Catania Link:

  • Infrastructural development and sustainable mobility in the South.
  • Reduction in train travel time of about 1 hour between Palermo and Catania. 
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.